Who We Are

About the BigSQL Team

Denis Lussier - Denis is a Principal Product Manager at AWS for Postgres. Prior to that he is the Founder & Chief Architect at OpenSCG. He has been in the Postgres community for 14 years. In past lives he was also the Founder & CTO at both EnterpriseDB and Fusion Technologies.

Jan Wieck - Jan is a Senior Postgres developer at AWS. Prior to that Jan was a Senior Database Architect at OpenSCG. He is a long time contributor to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has authored many key Postgres technologies over the last 20 years, including PL/pgSQL, Foreign Keys, TOAST and Slony.

Jim Mlodgenski - Jim is a Database Engineer at AWS for Postgres. Prior to that Jim was CTO at OpenSCG. He has been in the PostgreSQL community for more than a decade and he Co-founded the New York and Philadelphia Postgres Meetup groups. Previously Jim was CEO at StormDB, a commercial cloud version of Postgres-XC. Before that he was Chief Architect at EnterpriseDB and Fusion Technologies.

David Rader - Dave is a senior fellow in the AWS ProServe group. Prior to that Dave was the SVP of Engineering for OpenSCG and the BigSQL projects. He has over 20 years experience leading large scale technology and data analytics projects. Previously he was CTO for cloud Master Data Management provider MDX, Alliance Global Services and Fusion Technologies.

Scott Mead - Scott is a Database Engineer at AWS for Postgres. Prior to that he was a Senior Architect at OpenSCG and was employee #1. He has over 15 years of hands on experience configuring servers and applications for large scale production use. He was previously a Principal Systems Engineer for EnterpriseDB and global head of systems administration at Fusion Technologies before that.