Postgres Package Manager by BigSQL

Our Postgres Package Manager is a simple and powerful way to install PostgreSQL and it's family of components from the command line into a self contained and relocatable directory. Take a look at our APG tutorial to learn more.

Install BigSQL APG

Paste one of the below commands at a terminal/command prompt, from the directory you wish to install bigsql/apg. A bigsql subdirectory is created with everything you need to run apg commands.


  At the Linux command line use this command:

     python -c "$(curl -fsSL"
Notes:   1.) If your system doesn't have python (2) then use the python3 command instead
2.) Tested Linux versions include Amazon Linux 2, CentOS 7+, Fedora 30+, Ubuntu 16+, and Debian 9+


Run BigSQL PGC Commands

Note that the version of PostgreSQL presently supported are pg10, pg11, and pg12.

To install and run the PostgreSQL version of your choice type:

  cd bigsql
  apg install pg11
  apg start pg11

Learn more about our apg command line utility here.